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Courtney Krulis has been described as the happiest person on the planet, and may be the most energetic person you will ever meet. She is extroverted and friendly, and has a long history of success in sales and business development. However, after a big year of personal challenges, opportunities and transformations living in New York City, she discovered a truth that completely transformed her personal and professional life. That truth was the power of authentic, deep connection.

Courtney believes everyone has the ability to sell. Courtney has created simple techniques to help salespeople understand how to motivate and set themselves up for success. She also teaches participants to connect with their prospects by understanding their personalities and tailoring the pitch to communicate value in a compelling way.

Courtney teaches participants to connect with their prospects. This connection helps build trust and likability effectively. After all, people do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s that simple.